Mobile Apps for MUC

As a system developer in MUC I have big dreams for improving MUC. One of them is creating Mobile Apps. It has been a long time I have dream to create it so that MUC has the Mobile Apps. It’s very nice if MUC has mobile Apps.

Why I want to create Mobile Apps for MUC? Because it is Smartphone era.

The present era is smartphone era. Almost everyone has a smartphone nowadays and not a few people who have more than one smartphone. If we used to want to go somewhere and need to ride motorcycle taxi we need to walk outside first. But in era smartphone nowadays we just move our hand in our smartphones and motorcycle taxi will come soon to pick us up. Mobile Apps is so great I mention it as great innovation of this decade. There are so many Mobile Apps in Google play store and Iphone App store that can be downloaded and used to make our live easier. Which companies can create Mobile Apps they can step ahead of companies that can not create apps.

Creating Mobile Apps is not something impossible. It’s just about the time to create it. As long there is persistence and a clear concept, there is nothing impossible. I want Mobile Apps will have finished next year and will have could be used by MUC employees. Of course I hope MUC has mobile apps that can be proud of.

At least there are three of my ideas about Mobile Apps, both internally and externally. Well I will describe below:

  1. MUC Net System Mobile Apps Version

First I want to create MUC Net System Mobile Apps Version.

Why do I want to create? Because I believe Mobile apps will greatly help my friends in using MUC system.

Currently MUC Net system is web based application. Although I admit there are still many shortcomings here and there, but in general MUC system can be considered works quite well. But everything needs to change including the MUC Net. It is MUC Net time to have Mobile Apps.

What are the benefits of MUC Net System in Mobile Apps version?

Well, I will try to describe a little bit benefits of the Mobile Apps :

  1. Filling Timesheet can be anywhere

With Mobile Apps employees can fill the timesheet anywhere. They not only can fill in the office. They can fill the timesheet on the street, in public transport, even at home while joking with their beloved family. Let’s see how many timesheet unlock requests during a month. Although employees already know timesheet will be locked on Tuesday night, but the truth is few employees forget or do not have time to fill their timesheet.

Reflecting this, it would be helpful if I can create MUC Net in Mobile Apps Version. if we forget to fill timesheet in the office we could fill it at home, on the street, or even in public transportation.

It is exciting with Mobile Apps, isn’t it?

2. Manager Approval

MUC System has a lot approvals to be approved by managers. Such as: Overtime, Manual attendance, Unlock Request, Leave Request, Plan for overtime, CPD,  Inventory Request in IT System etc.

Untill this time there is still obstacle about approval. Sometimes managers are too busy and forget to approve pending approval of their teams. Of course they have many things to do such: processing data, meeting with prospect, meeting with client, etc. Their teams certainly wait for their manager to approve. It is common condition.

The Solution of this problem is Mobile Apps.

Because with Mobile Apps, the managers can approve pending approval of their team only in their hands without opening their laptop. They can approve in their car while they are in business travel from the client. They can also approve while waiting for meetings with clients.

So The team will never wait long manager approval anymore.

The process is when their team fill into the system and need to be approved, there will be a notification on their smartphones. It will be in real time. Because notification is real time then managers can certainly directly  approve it.

3. Meeting and Court Session Schedule

There was a new feature on MUC Net system launched in the middle of this year, it is meeting and court session schedule. It is a feature for booking partner and employees time to participate meeting or court session on the planned date.

So far, there are still obstacles in notification for the partner. Partners need to open the system for checking their schedule. There were also some temporary solutions, it was using email for notifications. But apparently it has not been solving the problem. Partners still have to open the laptop to check email except for those who already setted up email on their smartphones.

When this feature would be launched, I came to Mr. Karsino room to discuss. At the time I delivered my idea to Mr. Karsino, “What if we create Mobile Apps and the notification will appear in the Mobile apps”. Mr. karsino immediately agreed my idea.

If Mobile Apps notification is realized, Partners will never miss their meeting and court session schedule. They will know when notification come. The system can be developed further, it’s like there will be approval. In my plan,  partners can determine whether they agree or disagree  about the meeting or court session schedule that employees filled. if the partner disagree they can fill the explanation such they have another schedule or plan for leave.

This feature is not only for the partners, but also for employees. Employees will know if their times are booked for a  meeting or court session.
That was just three benefits that I mentioned, namely: filling timesheet anywhere, manager approval and notification for partner. I limit only the essential features are there in Mobile Apps. Because if there are all MUC Net features in Mobile Apps, I worry it can burden the Apps. I am optimistic if we have Mobile apps, MUC will be more improved.


A small example, if employees can fill timesheet anywhere, there is no reason for employees to delay filling timesheet. They can fill timesheet with real activity in that day. Real activity data is the things that partners need to measure fee for client. When the data is real and valid then it will be  more valid for measuring the fee.

Timesheet is no longer bothered by the unlock request or manual attendance and so forth.

  1. Tax Regulation Update Apps

The second Mobile Apps  that I want to create it is Tax Regulation Update Apps. An external Apps that i have been dreaming to create from long time ago. There is MUC name in Google play store or Iphone App store. MUC will increasingly famous because everyone will know MUC from Play store.

Why do I want to create it this Apps?

Because I believe there are so many people want to know about tax regulation update regularly. So I want to create it to provide them tax regulation update. If there are some updates from Tax official site the Apps will update content automatically and there will be notification for users who installed it. So they will always know about the update of tax.

And in the other side, we can use it for MUC branding. Everyone who download will know about MUC. Because when the App launched or opened by users there will be MUC logo and Registered tax consultant text. Logo and tag line will appear in the beginning. More and more people use this Apps, more and more people know MUC. MUC will be in their mind. So if they need help or need consultation about tax they may contact MUC.

Imagine how many people will download it and know about MUC. Of course this is a soft selling of MUC to people with the App.

  1. Individual income Tax Article 21 calculation Apps

The third Apps I want to create is Individual income Tax Article 21 calculation. Why I want to create it? Because I believe many people need a Apps that help to calculate their Individual income Tax Article 21. And because it can be as MUC branding, like Tax Regulation Update. I believe more and more people download it , More and more people know about MUC.

These three ideas from me as programmer for MUC improving both internal and external.


Thank you for reading.


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